Opportunities for behavioral healthcare employment are expanding in Southern California. For example, government entities and nonprofit organizations lead this expansion process. As the educational extension of Tarzana Treatment Centers (TTC), Tarzana Treatment Centers College (TTCC) is working hard to expand opportunities. In February, the Los Angeles City Council approved recommendations to improve behavioral health services’ coordination, delivery, and communication.

By focusing on coordinating and delivering behavioral health services through modernized communication systems, the LA City Council is keeping pace with the 21st century. Reflecting a 12-0 vote, council members want to highlight organizations by council districts that provide health services. Hence, each organization must provide its take on comprehensive strategies that will best serve Angelinos.

LA City Council and Behavioral Healthcare Employment

At the same time, the LA City Council is looking to address behavioral health workforce shortages through possible incentives. For example, student loan repayment, payment of school and certification fees, and moving stipends are some ideas on the table. Such an expansion of behavioral healthcare employment reflects the heart of TTCC’s mission. Addressing intersectionality and workplace bias, TTCC offers many programs that make behavioral healthcare employment an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Such a workforce issue motivates the LA City Council to make these changes. Indeed, in their research, the LA City Council discovered the following: “According to the County Behavioral Health Directors Association of California’s February 2023 report, which surveyed 57 counties across the state, more than 70% of county behavioral health agencies had difficulty recruiting new hires.” Given such difficulties, educational programs like TTCC are critical to the solution.

Behavioral Healthcare Employment and TTCC Opportunities

Beyond providing vital behavioral health services at nineteen locations across LA County, TTC promotes the use of evidence-based practices (EBP) and innovative health interventions based on science and research.  To address workforce needs in California, TTC offers a variety of programs that allow students to start their training in a way that is tailored to their needs. From Continuing Education Opportunities to the Substance Use Disorder Counselor Certification Program to the Medi-Cal Peer Support Services (PSS) Certification and Project Open Doors (POD); an online General Education Development (GED) preparation program.  These offerings provide great opportunities for employment to all individuals seeking job positions in behavioral healthcare.

On the TTCC website’s home page, the intent of these programs is clear:

“The mission of Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. College (TTCC) is to expand access to a quality and affordable healthcare learning experience for adults in all stages of their professional career and development. As part of this mission, we implement academic courses and student activities with an emphasis on the delivery of quality integrated healthcare services based on evidence-based practices, patient-centered care, and reducing total cost of care.”

By combining quality with opportunity, TTCC reflects the goals of the Los Angeles City Council’s new directive. Thus, TTCC is here to open the doors of opportunity for adults wanting to access behavioral healthcare employment. However, you need to take the first steps in the process.

Take the First Step to Behavioral Healthcare Employment

On the TTCC home page, follow these steps to learn more information about each of TTC’s multiple offerings:

  1. Complete the Interest Form Online
  2. Schedule and Complete a Student Interview
  3. Sign the Enrollment Agreement
  4. Begin Your Coursework

Indeed, it is easy to begin an academic program in behavioral health services.  To learn more, visit our TTC College website.

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