A few common questions and answers…

TTCC’s SUD Counselor Certification program is a 6-month hybrid program. Students will be able to complete educational and work-experience components of the certification process for Addictions Counselors.

255 practicum hours are required in addition to 45 Supervision hours.

Students will need a computer with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone for full course engagement.

This is will be up to the discretion of your supervisor. TTCC’s Practicum Instructor will help facilitate this process.

Currently, TTCC does not accept transfer credits from other schools.

Acceptance of TTCC credits is at the discretion of each academic institute.

Enrollment in TTCC’s SUD Counselor Certification program does not guarantee employment at TTCC upon completion.

TTCC faculty will be available by email and during weekly office hours. Student-Faculty interaction will differ in each course. Students will also have the chance to more deeply engage with faculty and other students at TTCC’s monthly seminars.

All inquiries regarding delay of program completion should be discussed with a TTCC academic counselor. Please email TTCC@Tarzanatc.org to make an appointment.

Each state-approved and accredited organization (CCAPP, CAADE, CADTP) has different educational and cost requirements for renewal and maintenance of SUD certification. Please refer to the organization that has provided your SUD certification for more information regarding renewal requirements.

Students will be able to access their progress and grades on their courses through the Moodle student portal.

TTCC uses the following grading system to evaluate the academic performance of the students where necessary:  

  • 90-100% = A 4.0 = Outstanding  
  • 80-89% = B 3.0 = Very Good  
  • 75-79% = C 2.0 = Pass  
  • Below 75% = D 1.0 = Not Passing 
  • I = I Incomplete  
  • W = W Withdrawn

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