Advisory Committee

Megan Hansen

Operations Supervisor | Hub & Spoke

Ken Bachrach, PhD

Clinical Services, Emerging Clinical Practices

Brandy Reid, PsyD

Clinical Services, Treatment

Mike d’Agostin, PsyD,

SUD Education, Clinical Service

Alana Sanchez-Prak, MPH

Program Planner

Amita Fakhimi, PsyD

Medications for Addiction Treatment, Clinical Services

Greg Hilsenrath, PsyD

SUD / Recovery Community, SUD IT

Clarita Lantican, PhD

Data Evaluation, Systems Thinking

Elle Schwab, PhD

Outpatient Clinics, Case Manager/Faculty

Catherine Collins, LCSW

Psychiatric Social Worker

Ebonie Thomas, MFA

Program Operations Supervisor II

Sandy Logan, CFP, CCPS, ICPS

Community Engagement Coordinator

Baylee Garland, MPH

Senior Manager of Implementation

Monica Gallegos, PhD

Professor, Intercultural Communication

Gwendolyn Thomas

QIQA Coordinator

Alisia Thompson, Ed.D

Faculty Facilitator

James Heller

System Analyst II

Susan Tang, MPH

Program Operational Supervisor

Kristyl Smith, Psy.D

Grant Project Manager

Steve Rusch, MBA

Fellowship Services Team Leader

Nathalie Contro, MFT

SUD Outreach and Navigation Supervisor

Peter Sepsis, MPH, MS

Driector, PGS Healthcare; Adjunct Professor in Culture

Glenn Metken

Senior Supervisor of IT

Shareipha Myvett, LMFT, Psy.D

EAP Counselor

Jessie Valin, MBA

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