Project Open Doors

 About Project Open Doors

Project Open Doors is a GED preparation program that seeks to support the learning and development of individuals on the pathway to earning a GED Diploma.

POD is structured to support the needs of Tarzana Treatment Centers employees seeking a GED diploma.

What is the GED?

The General Education Development Test (GED) is an exam used to measure an individual’s foundational knowledge and skills needed for college and career readiness. The test is comprised of four subject tests that are broken into separate exams:

    • Reasoning through Language Arts
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Social Studies
    • Science

Exams can be taken all at once, or by individual subject. All tests are computer-based. Tests are available in English and Spanish.

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Interested in our program, let’s discuss and make sure you are eligible, then we’ll get you the application.