Tarzana Treatment Centers College – Behavioral Health Mentored Internship Program

MIP Informational Flyer

Our new Behavioral Health (BH) Mentored Internship program is an opportunity to strengthen and build the state’s behavioral workforce as it aims to help expand the behavioral health workforce and meet the growing needs of our diverse state in treatment and support services for mental health and substance use disorders. And that is by deploying the existing Behavioral Health professionals within Tarzana Treatment Centers and Tarzana Treatment Center College as mentors for the next generation of BH professionals.

Our Behavioral Health Mentored Internship Program is a 12-week paid (Stipend) internship opportunity, accepting applicants of 18-years and older, who are interested in Behavioral Health careers.

This program is accepting undergraduate and graduate applicants to join this full-time internship program that requires a minimum of 20 hours per week for all applicants as well as specific requirements for undergraduate and graduate students as the following:

  • Undergraduates Students:     
  •  More than 2-years of College Credits
  •  Enrolled in bachelor’s Program.
  • Graduates Students:
  • BA/BS degree
  • Enrolled in a master’s program.

Our program is assisting the behavioral health departments by collaboratively partnering with various educational entities including Pierce College & California State University, Northridge (CSUN to support outreach, identification, and support to qualified intern applicants for the MIP (Mentored Internship Program) program and in employing a diverse selection of undergraduate and graduate interns within Tarzana Treatment Centers Behavioral Workforce. It is the main objective of the MIP program to enhance the professional development of diverse talent within the behavioral health field by offering paid internship opportunities for students 18 and older, and at multiple stages of their education; to gain practical experience under the supervision of mentors and the program coordinators through Tarzana Treatment Center’s behavioral health team of professionals and propagates our workforces of diverse and talented interns who are potentially interested in being hired as members of the BH workforce upon graduation and/or following their internship.

Interested students may contact us through our email at




Interested in our program, let’s discuss and make sure you are eligible, then we’ll get you the application.