Jose Salazar. Dr.PH., MPH

Vice President and COO

James B. Golden, Psy.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Alisia Thompson

Dean of Academics

Dr. Kristyl Smith Brown

Dean of Operations

Jessica Galura, MPH

Dean of Workforce Development

Amber Greene

Dean of Student Affairs

Fasiat Agaba

Dean of Admissions & Records

Saul Gonzalez

Practicum Instructor

Zofia Raquel Sandoval

SUD Field of Experience

Candice Sakellariou

Practicum Instructor

Dr. Clayton M. Johnson, M.A., Psy.D

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Shona A. Stephens, MPH

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Taylor

Adjunct Faculty

Janice Boafo

Adjunct Faculty

Kendall Stewart

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Eberheart

Adjunct Facutly

Mahbubur Rahman, MPH

Academic RecordKeeper

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