Saul Gonzalez has worked in social services almost exclusively for the best part of 20 years. He is experienced as a public healthcare administrator, community advocate, and educator. He brings to the college social awareness with high cultural competency from serving a diverse population of children, adolescents, adults, and their families.

His unique experiences and roles in HIV healthcare, youth gang prevention /intervention, pediatric hematology /oncology, and substance use have allowed a greater understanding and appreciation of critical public health needs and their impact on our communities. As a community of stewards of public health, we must collaborate to deliver equitable access to resources and opportunities promoting healthy behaviors, environments, and outcomes for all.

He received a BA in Political Science from Cal State University, Northridge. That is when he immediately discovered a passion for mentoring, supporting, and serving our communities vulnerable, immigrant, and underserved populations. Through community-based outreach, advocacy, and research, he has engaged in health promotion, communication, and agency collaborations. His dedication to social policy and social mindfulness led him to receive his Master of Public Health (MPH), and he currently continues the journey towards a Dr.PH.

Saul is a 13-year US Air Force veteran who served as a Medic and Military Training Instructor.

During his free time, he enjoys hiking, climbing, and mountain biking along our local trails in the San Gabriel mountains.

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