Kendall is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who focuses on supporting children, family, parents, and maternal mental health at all stages of a family’s journey. She finds that it is important that we understand that every family and individual is different and every journey is different. There in not one path and It is an honor to help clients understand the path they are on and how they can embrace, or change, and grow their journey.

Kendall is also a healer by nature and a therapist by trade. Having received her bachelor’s in Psychology from San Diego State University and Masters in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University she has found herself to have expanded on the ability to meet people where they are. In addition to healing mental health she has also found herself on the path of healing through social justice. She is an advocate, an interrupter, an organizer, and person supporting people. She supports people who are learning to heal from social injustice and address Anti-Blackness as it impacts all aspects of the world we live in.

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