With over 19 (nineteen) years of experience in human behavior and professional development, Dr. Johnson is a self-driven leader committed to the development and growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. He has an extensive background in the nonprofit sector, program design, training & development, and workshop facilitation. He is also an adjunct professor of Psychology and Organizational Development. Dr. J has been a part of the TTCC community since 2022 and is committed to the education, certification, and advocacy of those in pursuit of SUD and PSS credentials.

He is a full-time consultant specializing in change management and Leadership Development. He has a Doctoral degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Management & Consulting, and a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family therapy. He lives by the motto: Once we have accepted our reality, we can then create our destiny. Until then, we are living in fantasy. In his free time, Dr. J loves to travel the world and spend quality time with his family.

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