SUD Counseling Certification is a resourceful educational step to expand your career options and improve your service capabilities. For professionals already holding degrees or licenses in mental health fields, primary care settings, and as licensed social workers, substance use disorders (SUD) are common in almost any patient population.

Hence, obtaining SUD Counseling Certification can expand the breadth of your behavioral healthcare services.

At the same time, such a certification will broaden your employment horizons, potentially opening new doors and leading to new opportunities.

The SUD Program at Tarzana Treatment Centers College

At Tarzana Treatment Centers College (TTCC), our admissions staff understands the work demands of anyone in a healthcare setting. As a result, we offer a program tailored to each student’s needs. Since you might be more than just a student and have a busy workload with multidimensional responsibilities, we have made the extra effort to make the TTCC program work for you.

For example, most of our SUD Counseling Certification classes are offered online at your convenience. While we focus on the quality of our educational offerings, we also make sure that students, particularly professionals with jobs and families, to have access to these programs. Moreover, we want to accomplish this task without causing difficulties or unnecessary challenges.

The TTCC homepage clearly states, “The mission of Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. College (TTCC) is to expand access to a quality and affordable healthcare learning experience for adults in all stages of their professional career and development.” By turning this mission into a viable reality for behavioral healthcare professionals, TTCC can substantially contribute to the needed expansion of the workforce.

Professional Benefits of SUD Counseling Certification

Three Professional Benefits of SUD Counseling Certification:

  1. A Multitude of Employment Opportunities
    1. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an 18% increase in SUD Counseling positions over the next decade. The need for substance use disorder treatment is a high-growth industry.
  2. SUD Counselor Certification Improves Standing and Status
    1. A behavioral healthcare professional will find that obtaining SUD Counseling Certification can improve their reputation and credibility with employers and potential patients.
  3. Expansion of Employment Geography and Locations
    1. By obtaining SUD Counseling Certification, new doors open with new employment possibilities, both in the type of healthcare providers and the location of those potential jobs.

Beyond these benefits, however, one more reason makes perfect sense for healthcare providers across the country and in every potential location.

The Importance of Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders

Although co-occurring disorders may not be more common today than ever before, they certainly are more recognized. In behavioral healthcare treatment settings, most patients come into treatment with co-occurring disorders, including substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and chronic physical health problems like diabetes and STDs.

With any of these co-occurring disorders, substance use disorders tend to be the most apparent and immediate option to address. If a patient stops taking drugs or drinking alcohol, all the other co-occurring disorders tend to improve as well.

With Substance Use Disorder Certification, behavioral healthcare professionals gain the training needed to assess and treat substance use disorders. Even if the treatment is an initial detoxification, it begins a process that leads to long-term treatment options. To learn more about how TTCC can help expand and widen your career, please contact us today.

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