After Warren’s recent retirement from being a National Insurance Broker specializing in Risk Retention for small and medium-sized industrial companies in 2019, he was looking for some interesting work that had some philanthropic qualities. His friend informed him of a position at Tarzana Treatment Centers that work with independent housing for HIV and AIDS clients in a night ward capacity. Warren took the job and found and felt a great sense of fulfillment talking and counseling those in the residential housing. He was in control of the attendance and reporting of the nightly housing activities. 

At the peak of his interest, Warren decided to enroll in Tarzana Treatment Centers College to learn about the addiction counseling field and to apply his current skills without reinventing himself. Warren found the curriculum at TTCC to be both challenging and enlightening. 

Upon Warren’s graduation from TTCC, he was offered an advancement to Counseling 1 position within TTC to the SAMHSA MAT- PDOA program working under Dr James Golden and his remarkable team. The position he has now continues to supply him with the pleasure of working in a purposeful environment and with a great group of people. 

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