IT Specialist

Tyler Smith joined our team as the Information Technology Specialist for TTC College (TTCC). He has been working at Tarzana Treatment Centers for a year, and is excited to move from the Maintenance Department to PDD. Tyler will be primarily working to build out our social media plan, provide general technical support, ensure that TTCC runs smoothly online (website and student portal), oversee the virtual reality program, and provide expertise in both graphic design and filming.


Tyler has been working in the audio-visual and Information Technology industry for the last 10 years. He has worked on many events ranging from hospital fundraisers to concerts. Tyler states his goal at TTCC will be to provide the best service to both our team and our students. He desires to “bring our college into the new age of technology”. Tyler has a huge passion for cars (both classic and modern), music, and in his free time he spends time with family and friends. Tyler states, “I am extremely excited to help TTCC achieve and surpass all of its goals to become the #1 Program that everyone will want to be a part of.”



Interested in our program, let’s discuss and make sure you are eligible, then we’ll get you the application.