Kristen Perez

Kristen Perez has been working as a Research Assistant for Tarzana Treatment Centers (TTC) for over a year, where she provides technical expertise to assist in guiding the organization’s research and evaluation initiatives. She graduated from Woodbury University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has experience working with various federal and state grants for overdose prevention and Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) intervention. Kristen has been invited to assist the Dean of Big Data at Tarzana Treatment Centers College (TTCC) with various projects due to her expertise with innovative data analytics. Some of her responsibilities include developing evaluations for the various programs offered by TTCC, reviewing student data tracking systems, and assisting the college with other data-related needs as necessary. Kristen also works as part of TTC’s Youth and Family (YaF) TREE Program, where she manages and updates the various data collection systems utilized by the program, analyzes collected data to monitor the program’s performance objectives and outcomes, and assists in the preparation of required data and project reports. 

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