Full-Time Faculty


Jorge Silva earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech therapy from Northern Arizona University (NAU), a Master of Arts degree in Performance Psychology from National University May 2015, and an Education Specialist (Ed.S) in Educational Technology from Walden University. Jorge has worked in the education system for 15 years, as a Spanish medical interpreter for 10 years, and as an Outpatient Services – Case Manager for 2 years. He is passionate about adult education and issues that are specific to the Latino community such as mental health (PTSD), socio-economic justice (advocacy), LGBTQ+ issues, and substance abuse. Jorge is a big foodie, coffee lover, and love classic movies (documentaries, horror and Latin American films) and classic TV (Twilight Zone, Golden Girls, and I Love Lucy).  He enjoys spending his free time exploring LA and its surroundings while visiting museums and bookstores, trying new restaurants and coffeehouses.

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