Jaela Holmes joined our team as the Information Technology Specialist for TTC College (TTCC). Jaela will be primarily working to managing all our social media platform plans, provide general technical support, ensure that TTCC runs smoothly online (TTCC website, Moodle student portal, & ProQuest), oversee the virtual reality program, and provide expertise in graphic designs. She will also be the administrator for all of our TTC College podcasts. 


Jaela Holmes currently finishing up her BA at California State University, Long beach, majoring in American Sign Language Linguistics & Deaf Culture (ASLD). Jaela has worked as a Personal Tax assistant for VjP tax services for 2 years, providing marketing expertise and Social Media Content to increase engagement and followers. Jaela worked coaching youth in athletics, discipline, developmental skills, responsibilities, accountability and helping them foster relationships. Whether working on academics, extracurricular activities, or professional projects, Jaela has amazing teamwork, communication, and creative thinking skills.


Interested in our program, let’s discuss and make sure you are eligible, then we’ll get you the application.