Isaac Leon joined our team as the Student Services Representative for TTC College (TTCC). Isaac will help manage the college as a team member by answering student questions regarding the programs we provide. The main responsibilities he holds are following up with prospective students by emailing/calling them to provide them with information about our Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling Certificate Program, scheduling interviews, assisting with enrollment documents and ensuring that they are using the resources we have while they are in the program.   

Isaac will be graduating with his Master’s in Public Health with a focus in Health Marketing in May 2023 from Benedictine University. He has a B.S. in Public Health from CSUN. His previous work includes being a laboratory administrative assistant for a COVID-19 testing company for Sony Pictures and NBC Universal. There he focused on COVID-19 kit sales, establishing relationships with new clients and creating standard operation procedure manuals for the company.   

With his new degree, he hopes to be a voice for his community by creating health education workshops that lead to healthy habits for healthier lives.” 


Interested in our program, let’s discuss and make sure you are eligible, then we’ll get you the application.