Haben is an alumnus at California State University, Long Beach with her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with a minor in Africana Studies. She is working on her Master of Science Degree, Higher Education Administration at National University.

Haben has been involved with students that are first generations, low income, and unrepresentative to assist them through the college readiness programs, and mental health. She also worked with different youth nonprofits around the greater Long Beach area and So-Cal area to advocate for students safe environment, mental health, voices, education, and physical activity. Haben has also planned multiple curriculums, implemented, and evaluation programs and events for non-profits.

My goal is to help empower students through their educational journey through TTCC, and also help create advocate leaders to empower and educate others on SUD, while reducing the stigma of drugs abuse.

In my free time I love to go on adventures, travel, hang out with family, and read new exciting books.

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