Erica Amaya graduated from California State University, Chico with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Public Affairs. Erica continued her educational journey at the California State University of Sacramento where she received her Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Through her professional career she has maintained providing an array of public services to communities who need them most as her core driver. Erica began her professional as a first-generation mentor at Chico State then moved onto a program coordinator position for a nonprofit agency in Sacramento called Alliance for Education Solutions. Erica then moved onto working for New Beginnings Counseling where she hosted group sessions for court mandated individuals concerning domestic violence, child endangerment, anger management and substance use/addiction. Erica’s current position at Tarzana Treatment Centers College is a health educator and community outreach organizer. Through her new position Erica has completed overdose prevention training, fentanyl test strips training, MAT training, and has gained knowledge regarding the Los Angeles area along with how substance use affects Los Angeles communities at a high rate. With this knowledge she has been able to further her understanding to be able to better serve the greater Los Angeles area regarding substance use. Due to her experience of having worked with an array of populations in different areas of California she has been able to witness the connection between the need and the actual support communities are attaining. Erica is passionate about allocating resources to communities that need them most.


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