Catherine Duehren was the first Student Services Representative for Tarzana Treatment Centers College (TTCC) when the institution opened in 2020. Catherine’s passion in the field of data analytics led to her departure from TTCC in 2021 where she decided to polish those skills at Tarzana Treatment Center’s Data and Evaluation team. Catherine returned to TTCC in 2022 as the institution’s first Dean of Data Analytics where she is implementing a new data philosophy for the college. Catherine’s undergraduate degree in Sociology and her graduate degree in Public Health equips her with keen knowledge of analyzing social disparities and proposing data driven solutions for the community. In her day to day, Catherine reviews student data for all TTCC programs and ensures all information is up to date and accurate. She regularly produces data visualizations that depict our student population and prepares reports for graduation and retention rates. Additionally, Catherine is the Evaluator for the MAT-PDOA grant where she ensures federal funding for substance use disorder and cooccurring disorders are being accurately distributed to vulnerable members of our community such as those leaving inpatient treatment and those in the reentry population. 

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