Jose Salazar. Dr.PH., MPH

Vice President and COO

James B. Golden, Psy.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Haben Berhe, MSHEA

Deputy Provost

Zenaida Mejia

Chief of Staff

Jessica Galura, MPH

Dean of Workforce Development

Devonte Mayden

Executive Assistant

Catherine Romero, MPH

Dean of Data Analytics

Sebrin Yousef, MPH

Development Coordinator

Monica Castro

Chair of Recovery Support Services / Program Coordinator

Ashley McGowan

Chair of Peer Support Specialization

Alisia Thompson

Chair of Project Open Doors

Katherine D. Emerson

Chair of Field Services

Rachel Sandoval

SUD Counselor/ Case Manager

Jessica Dorsey

Chair of Substance Use Disorder

Stephanie Ramos

Senior Recruiter

Warren Spurlock


Jaela Holmes

Information Technology Specialist

Isaac Leon

Student Services Representative

Bruce Loisel, Psy.D

Dean of Operations

Danielle Feldman

Academic Specialists- Project Open Doors

Kimberly Corpeno

PSS Academic Specialist

Cathy Rusch, MSHA


Berelyan Anvieh

MIP Program Coordinator

Vanessa Garcia

Tuition Services Representative

Tiffany Rabbani

MIP Coordinator

Erica Amaya

Health Educator

Mahbubur Rahman, MPH

Academic RecordKeeper

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